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How to Buy WAEC Scratch Cards online? 1. Visit, 2. Select quantity of waec card, 3. Make online payment, 4. The Waec scratch card is delivered. After purchasing your Waec scratch card online, copy out the pin & serial no and visit Waec Result Checker website to check your result. This Service on WAECDIRECT allows you to check your Waec result via multiple channels.

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WAEC Scratch Card also known as WAEC Result Checker, It is a product of the West African Examinations Council. WAEC Scratch Card is use to check Waec results online. It is highly recommended that you purchase your WAEC Scratch Card online from to save time and money. The Waec e-Pin is found on a valid Waec voucher which can be use 5 times to check a particular Waec result on WAEC Direct Scratch Card Portal.

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How to Buy WAEC Scratch Card

1. Visit
2. Click on "WAEC Scratch Card"
3. Input your name, phone no and address
4. Proceed to payment and complete transaction
5. Your Waec scratch card is delivered instantly for free

How much Is WAEC Scratch Card



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How to Check WAEC Result

  1. First you will need to purchase WAEC Scratch Card from MyCyberteller
  2. Visit WAEC Direct Scratch Card portal via
  3. Enter your Examination Number e.g "4123456789"
  4. Select the Candidate Exam Year e.g "2022"
  5. Select Exam Type e.g "School Candidate"
  6. Enter the WAEC Scratch Card e-PIN No
  7. Click Submit to Check WAEC Result

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This card is a product of The West African Examinations Council. It is used to check result for candidates that sat for the WASSCE May/June and the Gce private examination. It can be used 5 times to check a particular student result.

You can do direct online payment using your ATM card. After the selection of your desired quantity of cards, proceed to the checkout page, provide all the required information and proceed with the payment.

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Can I buy WAEC Result Checker Pin online? Yes, log on to, pay online and get instant pin delivery, no delivery fee is required.

How much is WAEC Result Checker online? Waec Result Checker is sold online for ₦4000, no transaction fee is required. Buy Waec result checker at at the lowest affordable price.

How to Purchase WAEC Scratch Card

  1. Visit
  2. Click on WAEC Scratch Card
  3. Enter customer's name & phone no
  4. Select your prefered payment gateway
  5. Pay online and get your WAEC scratch card

Where can I buy WAEC scratch card online? is the best place to buy WAEC scratch card online, MyCyberteller is Waec accredited sales partner, where candidate can reliably purchase WAEC scratch card online. Your Waec scratch card is delivered online immediately after payment. Transaction on mycyberteller is 100% Safe !

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The WAEC Scratch Card is a plastic painted card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals the WAEC e-Pin and Serial number that is needed to access the WAECDIRECT service. The WAEC Scratch Card that is applicable for the WAECDIRECT service is marked "WAECDIRECT Access Card" on the front view.
The WAEC Result Checker Pin stands for Electronic Personal Identification Number called WAEC EPin. On WAECDIRECT Service, It is a unique 10-digit or 12-digit number that is required to check result. The WAEC Result Checker enables direct access to a candidate's results via multiple channels. The WAEC Checker PIN is found on a genuine Waec scratch card and is revealed when the cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.
WAEC Scratch cards can be purchased online from, the WAEC Card PIN and Serial No will be delivered to you Instantly without stress at the comfort of your home or office. WAEC Scratch Cards can also be purchased at the National Office of WAEC and at any of its zonal and branch offices across Nigeria. It may also be bought from any of the branch offices of Fountain Trust Bank Plc across Nigeria. The reviewed price for the WAEC Scratch card is now ₦4000.
You can check your WAEC result up to a maximum of five times with the use of one Waec scratch card. In order to check further after exhausting the maximum allowed limit of five times you will need to purchase another Waec scratch card which will entitle you to another five usage.
Buying a WAEC Scratch Card online is easy, just visit, We sell 100% valid, original, and genuine WAEC Scratch Card. Our WAEC Scratch Card is verified and allocated by WAEC. Buy Waec scratch card pin online via with 100% instant pin delivery at any time.
No! You can only use one WAEC Scratch Card to check one result. To check another result of interest, you will require a new Waec scratch card. If you misuse a Waec scratch card by attempting to check another different result from the intended result, you will be penalised as having used the card, and you will be presented with the appropriate error message.
Besides having your WAEC results checked on the WAECDIRECT website, you may also have your results delivered to an email address of your choice by selecting the appropriate options on the WAECDIRECT homepage. You may also have your results read out to you by calling into any one of our regional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems or have it delivered to your GSM mobile phone via SMS. Click here for further information
WAEC DIRECT Result Checker allows candidate to view their results online via multiple channel, the cost of buying WAEC DIRECT Result Checker is 3,150 Naira only. Please click here to purchase WAEC Result Checker.
WAEC Scratch Card can be used 5 times to check one result. You cannot use one waec scratch card to check multiple results, you are only allowed to check one result for 5 times. If you misuse a Waec scratch card by attempting to use it against another result different from the first one, you will be presented with the appropriate error message that "This Waec scratch card has already been used by another candidate", In this case you will be required to purchase another Waec scratch card which will entitle you to another five units to check your Waec result.
We highly recommend candidates that wants to purchase WAEC Scratch Card to order it online from and save themselves of the time and stress of going to the Bank to purchase it. is user friendly, very reliable and provides instant pin delivery.
WAEC scratch card is used to check Waec result online, It is an electronic smart card with a sealed patch on the reverse side which conceals a unique 12-digit Pin number that is required to access Waec result on WAECDIRECT. We sell Waec Scratch Card at the best affordable rate. Delivery of value is completely free, instant and automatic when you buy Waec scratch card through this platform.
The WAEC Pin Vending System that guarantees customer satisfaction is, It makes it easy for candidates to order WAEC Scratch Card online with ease. By this candidate can buy any type of Waec pin either for results checking or gce registration. The service is available on
Send sms in this format WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to the short-code 32327, Here is the example code to check your Waec result without scratch card: WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007, ensure you adhere strictly to the format above, there should be no space in between the message, wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via sms.
No, your WAEC Scratch Card can only be used 5 times with the same exam number. For example, if you check with candidate exam number 4123456789, the Waec scratch card will be linked to this number, this means that you cannot use the same Waec scratch card pin to check for any other exam number.
A WAEC Scratch Card e-pin is an electronic voucher containing a unique 12 digit Personal Identification Number needed to access Waec result on WAECDIRECT service. The reviewed price of Waec Scratch Card e-pin is ₦4,000.00.
Please be informed that it could either be your internet connection that is not connecting properly or as a result of the high traffic to the Waec result checking site. We advise you give it some time before trying again.
WAEC e-Pin Voucher is an Electronic Pin that is use to check waec result online. The WAEC e-Pin Voucher can be purchased online at
Getting a WAEC Scratch Card online is simple, visit, Call/Sms/WhatsApp: 08036240369, 08124046686.
A genuine WAEC Scratch Card Pin is 10 or 12 digit in number which is required to check Waec result online. Original Waec Scratch Card can be purchase online at
A WAEC Result Checker e-Pin Voucher purchased in a previous year and is still valid can be use in the current year, but note you can only use one Waec e-Pin Voucher to check one result. To check another (different) result, you will be required to buy a new Waec e-Pin Voucher.